Stress less, travel more

Luggage for both the occasional passenger and the non-stop traveler. Click around — we have a good feeling you’ll like what you see.

Three words

Travel, escape, enjoy

The world is such a large and wonderful place — Everyone needs to experience what our planet has to offer, and we’re here to help you do exactly that. Our meticulously designed hardshell luggage will make sure you’re prepared for your next adventure by allowing you to pack all your necessities, while still leaving room for souvenirs. 

Thoughtful features

It's all in the details

From a tremendously thick protective hardshell body to delightfully durable zippers, our luggages are thoughtfully packed with premium quality features and details that we believe will keep you stress-free and looking good for your next flight. Discover what truly makes our luggage the perfect companion for your next adventure.

So, we had this idea...

Where it all started

Since we spent a lot of time hauling luggage across the world, we’ve seen our share of untrustworthy luggage, and were simply fed up of having to pay a pretty penny for unreliable and unappealing heaps of plastic. So, we put a lot of thought into designing the ideal luggage that is both attractive and dependable without the hefty price tag.

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